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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 03:08:38 EDT

on 18-06-2002 3:25, Lou Forlini at wrote:

> Now how can you say that? I'm sure that there are plenty of folks
> on this list who have served their country in various ways, including
> military or governmental service. And by being a good citizens by
> voting and other participation in their local and national
> governments. Besides, what country would be worth anything without
> all of us "little guys" paying taxes? These all contribute to the
> success of a country.

Lou, since I was the one that very strongly asked to end this thread I guess
I'm the one to explain things here.

The reason that this thread went wrong was a posting (turned out to be a
quote) that started with:

'I think that there is nothing wrong with 'ultra-nationalism' whatever it
is. Does it mean you love your country so much that you don't like other
countries? If so, so what.'

Which to me sounded like a classical hate recipe, no reason given, just
dislike other countries...

The post continued with the classic vilification of the left that has been
the trademark of national-socialism. (read the Nazis)

What Jon explained, and in retrospect I think he was right, that this was an
American quoting an European not realizing the subtle nuances that have been
developed over the year by national-socialism and their modern counterparts
and not realizing that ultra-nationalism for Europeans is basically the same
as Nazism ever since World War II.

So I think hardly anybody on this list doubts here that you can defend your
country for good reasons.
(I don't think we should go into a thread about 'good' reasons either, bound
to go out of bounds)

So please leave this thread alone, or you must really want me off the list.
Because to me this list won't be a nice place to be anymore (understatement)
if it becomes a discussion group where nazis, bigots etc. can vent their
views and since I'm here primarily because I enjoy it, I would leave.

Since I believe that one cannot reasonably argue with most of these people
and don't see the point of this subject on this list in the first place.

Robert Benschop

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