Re: [NTLK] Data from dead Newton - Always Fresh Backup?

From: Chris_at_Backstage
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 09:45:47 EDT

OK, as I understand that is the way for a backup to a desktop computer.
Always a new one, which by the way seems to be a good idea to keep several
backups of the past. Just in case something has happened BEFORE the last
backup, so you could always go back in time.

But is that the same if you do a backup to a flash card? First erase the
backup or if you use the card just to backup erase the whole card?


>>> Did you always start with a fresh backup ? Rule number one with backups of a
>>> Newt is not to keep updating the last one you made, but instead start fresh
>>> each time.
>> Do I understand this correctly: It is recommended to first delete the
>> previous backup. Or if you got a whole card for it, to erase the whole card.
>> And then do the backup?
>> Otherwise the Newton would only backup what has changed and that could
>> possibly lead to errors?
> That's it. If you leave the backup file, the Newton will do an incremental
> backup, backing up only what has changed since the last time you did that
> backup, and that's when things can get screwed up. There has been numerous
> reports from people that, when they tried to restore from their backup, NCU
> was spitting some errors, complaining that the backup file was corrupted.
> So, it's best to do full backups if you don't want to take any chance. You
> don't have to delete the backup file, just move it somewhere else than the
> designated backup directory. I, for one, have an "archived" one where I
> always keep the previous backup I did. Just in case...
> -Laurent.

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