Re: [NTLK] Newton 4 Newbies/dead 2100

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 00:30:20 EDT

I've found that a disconnected crystal will give the
perception that the newt is dead... I ran into this
problem with my "getto" acelleration. (one of the door
clippy things pushed on the crystal and broke a solder
joint, hence, no newton in slow mode, newton only in
fast mode)
In your case, since you're using one of those
hi-faloot'n PixSolution boards is that you probably
lost a solder connection at the crystal's pad or the
wire or at the acelleration board. That's where I
would check first...
web/gadget guru

--- James Mackey <> wrote:
> I had an Implant accel and an SER-001 in it. The
> flip-cover would not stay
> back in the locked position (imperceptable bulge of
> the back case) so I was
> experimenting with several alternate locaitons for
> the accelerator. So now
> the Newt won't boot, and it failed to recover after
> an overnight hiatus
> (following the instructions on the FAQ). I don't
> know if anything inside
> might have touched and caused the problem. Maybe I
> was too greedy. That Newt
> was my skanky daily driver, and it would be nice if
> it could be recovered.
> All the internal connectors are still secure and I
> removed and reinstalled
> the PCB card and SER-001 without any luck. I might
> try de-soldering the
> Implant and putting the old crystal back to see if
> it was the part that
> failed.
> JM
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> Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:22:16 -0400 >>>What sort of
> hotrodding were you up to?
> >>-James >>>It looks like quite a useful site. The
> J&K Sales link will come
> in handy. I >>need to get another 2100 after I
> murdered one of mine
> yesterday. I was >>probably asking for trouble by
> hotrodding the hardware
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