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From: John Goggan (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 09:31:57 EST

Way-Chung Wong wrote:
> In all the years I have been selling these apps
> (since 1996 or so. Wow! Has it been six years already?!), I have
> received, at the MOST, $150 total from the honorable users.

I absolutely agree with you. I wrote GypPlay, an MPEG-1 player for the Sega
Dreamcast. I released it as Freeware, but requested that anyone using it send
me just $1 via PayPal. Since it's release in August of 2000, it has been
downloaded over 75,000 times (Yes, 75 THOUSAND times). Wanna know how many $1
PayPal transfers I have received? 3.


And yet, I still get at least a few emails every day from people telling me
that they "love GypPlay!" and want to know if I have anything else for the DC
-- or if I'm releasing a new version. That just absolutely grinds me. You
can't pay $1, but you want know when the next version is coming?? heh. :)

Oh well...

 - John...

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