[NTLK] H1000 Battery wierdness

From: Mike Hamende (mhamende_at_tsl.state.tx.us)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 09:30:04 EST

This is a twist on the recent battery threads.

I have an OMP, two actually. The one I am concerned about only comes on
with an AC power supply. I have put in a new back up battery and new
alkaline AAAs. It will not do anything without the AC adapter installed.

I have followed the instructions in the FAQ for getting it to wake up,
ie taking all power supplies out and letting it rest. That is how I got
it to wake up at all.

The other battery threads have had to do with rechargebles, this is with
regular old throw away batteries.

Is this something that can be fixed or is this guy doomed to being wired?

Thanks. This is a great list and community.

Mike Hamende

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