Re: [NTLK] hypertext creation tool for newton?

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 03:21:06 EST

> Don't be so sure about that. Building one newton consumes an enourmous
> amount of energy and resources (for mining all the noble metals etc).
Yeh, one has to write a lot and print it never on the Newton to compensate

> When it's on, a Newton also consumes energy.
Good ol'sun power, which other computer can be sun powered?

> Well, it would work the way I think and write. I would just write
> overviews and add specific descriptions later, or write a text and add
> detailed descriptions for single terms. I don't have a need for moving
> links around or editing them. Wikis also work without this capability.
Okay, a simple and already available workaround would be to use the seach
function. Highlight the overview topic and search in notes only for the note
with the same header. This is a few taps, not only one as in Wiki, but you
could use the built-in functionality. With MoreInfo you could have many
notes linked to the overview and to go to one of the linked notes you'd have
to access it via the routing or envelope button. This doesn't transfer
automatically the topic from the overview to the linked note but this isn't
the case in Wiki too, or is it?

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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