[NTLK] Somebody please help.

From: Geoffrey Arend (shatten22_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 06:03:07 EST

Hello all,

I'm about to tear my hair out. I have access to a s900 and have been
downloading packages onto that. Had too much trouble connecting the
Newt to it, so I connected it to a Quadra 840AV I also have access to.
So basically, I dl on the S900, floppy it and send it to thw 840AV.
Here's the problem.

I need to install NIE2.0 to my Newt. I downloaded the packages off of
unna, but my newt doesn't recognize them. I downloaded the
lucent-wavelan driver and the Newt recognizes that package fine. But it
simply won't "see" the packages off of unna. (no application
specification, just "unknown," exactly how I did it with the Lucent)
What is going on?

Is there a way I can just "move" them to the Newt? This is driving me
crazy. All I need is that damn Newton Device Driver installed so I can
just hook up to the NET and never have to synch again! Please help. My
eyes hurt.


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