[NTLK] OT: button problem in 9.2

From: beaumontj_at_mindspring.com
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 08:36:53 EST

Completely OT although I believe it does happen in NCU. Can anyone tell me (off list) why my G4 350 (AGP) running 9.2 is acting strange in this particular way: inside iTunes, for example, if Iím trying to select a different location for my library, the button to change location is disabled (or more correctly, it looks fine and ďclicksĒ but the action seems thwarted). I click it, the menu bar flashes and nothing happens, e.g. I cannot change the location. This happens to me in many apps, perhaps all. I also seem to be having trouble digging deeply into nested folders to select a file from inside an app. Iíve reset the PRAM but that hasnít fixed it. Iím getting around this problem with drag and drop, but itís pretty annoying. Sorry to be so OT. If you feel pity, please respond off list. Thank you! Seth

PS I second (or third, etc.) wanting to have a headphone jack.

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