Re: [NTLK] OT: button problem in 9.2

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 12:05:18 EST

on 3/26/02 2:36 PM, at

> I cannot change the location. This happens to me in many apps, perhaps all. I
> also seem to be having trouble digging deeply into nested folders to select a
> file from inside an app.

I take it to mean that you are having troubles with the open file dialog
box. Am I right? Is it possible that you have added some third-party app to
enhance it? Maybe you did it back in 9.1 and forgot about it. I suppose it's
also possible that you have an alias in your "Favorites" folder that either
points to a large volume or an unmounted volume that can't be accessed or
something. Try looking in these places. Beyond that, I can't think of

Jon Glass
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