Re: [NTLK] Other Dreams of MP3Newt - Mad Max and stero

From: Jim Witte (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 23:30:56 EST

> If the whole music archive of say 1000 songs including the audio amp
> would
> fit in the 1x1x1cm^3 space behind the DongleKiller door and seamlessly
> integrate with MadMax :-) why not! Probably is the standard 3.5mm
> earphone
> plug to big...

   Hmm, use biological genentic storage for the MP3s (only 2-8 decades
off), a an extrememly minitaiturized bluetooth chip to drive a headphone
(2-5 years off), VLSI amp (probably doable today, at the price of $10k
fabrication). Integration with MadMax.. That should be the easy part..

   More seriously, I've been experimenting with different sample rate/bit
rate combinations for MP3s With the 2100s built-in-speaker, I can't
tell much difference between a 48kbps and a 112kbps recording (! Of
course, I don't have golden ears either). One thing I did notice was
that if I used stereo (joint) for certain songs, the piano part was
enhanced greatly (I Will Love Again from Lara Fabian's self-titled
English album). I'm wondering if that is because MadMax mixes the two
channels together, so if the piano was originally mixed to the side, it
wouldn't get picked up as much in a mono MP3 (the ripping was done with


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