Re: [NTLK] NCU Port?

From: David Abramowitz (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 15:39:58 EST

Cool - thanks, I'll try that.

On 3/27/02 3:20 PM, "Stephen Jendraszak" <> wrote:

> On Wednesday, March 27, 2002, at 01:07 PM, David Abramowitz wrote:
>> Good suggestion. I thought of that, except that the 3Com 3C589D has an
>> "all-in-one" Ethernet cable that connects it directly to the hub. It
>> doesn't
>> have an Xjack or other such connector which would allow me to use a
>> crossover cable.
>> - Dave
> I use that same card... there is a fairly easy way to use crossover.
> What you need is a little device, I am unsure of what it is called. It
> came with my card, but I am sure one could be found separately very
> cheap. It is a tiny little beige box with two ethernet ports. You plug
> the "all-in-one" cable from the card into one side, and the crossover
> cable into the other side. Then connect the other end of the crossover
> cable to the Mac. I have seen these little boxes at local used computer
> stores in Indy for a couple of bucks, and I am sure they could be had
> elsewhere. Hope this helps...
> sj

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