Re: [NTLK] NIE DNS ethernet problem

From: Vladimir Alexiev (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 08:52:46 EST

> - are there any internet diagnostic tools for the newt?

Ok, I found NetTest from Apple.
Using it, I tried to connect to my mail server.
nettest to IOtype=TCP remAddr= remPort=25
- with DHCP, reports "loading the DHCP protocol... GrabLink failed,
internet error -60088" (kInetToolErrDhcpReqFailed).
- with manual, reports "opening a conn (local port: 0)... endpoint
connect failed, a comms problem occurred, conn may have been dropped".

So I conclude that at this point it's pointless to try DHCP or DNS. It
can't make any TCP connection. But what could be its problem?

I tried with two versions of farallon.pkg:
- "Friday, August 08, 1997 6:40:52 PM" (from UNNA)
- "Friday, August 29, 1997 4:45:36 PM"
The result is the same.

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