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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 08:50:19 EST

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> I do have a suggestion, maybe this has been mentioned before. If either a
> new section were added to the existing FAQ or a new mini-FAQ were created,
> that was written just for newcommers, that might help. It could contain
> stuff like, how to connect to a PC and how to connect to a Mac, with links
> directly to the appropriate downloads. Links to download the PDF manuals.
> Where to find software, again with links directly to UNNA and so on. What
> to do if you can't install packages, again with links to Packtype or
> whatever. Some of the common questions that are also covered in the rest of
> the FAQ.

Certainly a small section at the front that has the "most asked questions"
and links to the answers in the rest of the FAQ, that would be good. It
might even be small enough to append to the current monthly "Here's how to
help yourself" message.

- Eric.


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