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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 15:52:11 EST

on 3/28/02 7:51 PM, Mick Ring at wrote:

> 2) After installing a few packages and moving some things to my storage
> card, I now have a problem with a package I tried to delete. When I try to
> restart, my Newton hangs while trying to activate it. When I view it in
> Extras list view, it is just a blank spot in the list. In icon view, it is
> visible, but I cannot do anything to it like move or delete it.

Do a soft reset on your Newton. When it starts, hold the stylus on the
screen, about half-way down and in a tiny fraction of an inch from the left
edge of the screen. Press down on the stylus until you get a message asking
if you want to activate packages on the internal store. Answer no, and
repeat holding down the stylus until you get the same message for your card.
Once the startup process is over, open your extras, and delete the package.
I would suggest doing this in overview mode, so you can use the check box,
and not risk activating the package by accident. :-) I hope this information
is clear enough. Oh, if you don't get the message, do a soft reset again,
and move the stylus a little bit, and repeat until you get it to work.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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