Re: [NTLK] Any San Francisco Newton Users?

From: James Greenfield (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 01:51:15 PST

Hi Robert,
We tried to beam the packages through the normal channel but it did not
work. I am not sure about the functionality of my IR port or that of my
friend (who was the one to talk me into upgrading from the 120). We did
try via eeuncode, I think, as I had told him about it and he had
downloaded it.

I am more than happy to meet with you in SF/CA. My time is somewhat
limited but not completely. I am busy tomorrow (Thursday) until 2:30pm
at which point I will be downtown. Friday is pretty much open as well
with the exception of having to do laundry sometime this week, as is
Saturday (both during the day). Monday through Wednesday I am solidly
booked until around 9pm including the commute back from Pleasanton.

Let me know when will work for you… and many thanks,

P.S., Feel free to email me directly at or call
415.860.3213 (cell).

> James,
> Sure no problems! that happened to the ir connection? Did you use EE =
> transfer? I'm not doing much lately so we can meet! Just tell me when
> you =
> are available!
> Robert
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