NTLK Error 77 (was: Re: Uh oh.)

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot@pnm-consulting.com)
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 13:14:39 EST

Robert Benschop <robertbenschop@bigfoot.com> wrote:

>> From: Larry Cafiero <larkyo@po.cnet-sc.ne.jp>
>> I keep getting a error 77 when trying to access names, dates and notes,
>> and when I try to use the Newton Backup Utility to return my backed up
>> data (just backed up last week, thank goodness), I can't make a
>> connection from the MP to my Mac.
>First do a restart with all extensions off (hold the pen about half an inch
>from the edge of your screen) and see if that helps.
>If that doesn't help you can try a brain wipe: erase everything that is on
>your Newton (first the card by your Newton and than a hard reset to erase
>everything on the Newton itself)
>After that you do a full restore (leaving out stuff that was suspect, but if
>your Newton was still ok when you made the backup, you might be ok with a
>full restore)
>Normally that should bring stuff back to normal again, however, I'm curious
>about where you got error 77 since there isn't such an error on either the
>Mac nor the Newton.

As I explained it in the FAQ, positive numbers are bus errors.
Newton Error codes are not linked at all with Macintosh errors, except that
most of them in both case are negatives. Positive errors on MacOS are
strange errors. Bus error is 1.



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