NTLK A Bug in PocketMoney ?

From: Soo Yeon Cho (doccho@snu.ac.kr)
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 05:43:59 EST

Dear Newton Users,

I am a big fan of PocketMoney from Catamount, inc. Any addict like me

Recently, I have found out a bug-like problem seemed to be related with
Y2K. When I check out the transactions input before the year 2000, the
dates are shown like xx/xx/99.

It seems to have no problem. However, if I tap the date, the whole date
shows the year as 2099. Sorting of these information which are input
before 2000, does not matter. That is, they acts like 1999's
transactions. But when I input a transaction with the date of xx/xx/1999
now(1/11/2000), the date changes to 2099 again and sorting does
matter. It locates at the last because its date is xx/xx/2099.

I e-mailed Catamount, inc, but no response. I wonder they are
still working on Newton stuff. Any one, any informaiton about this?

With best regards,


Soo Yeon Cho
Seoul, S.Korea.

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