Re: NTLK 2100 pen alignment problem

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 13:23:40 CDT

Ray Kloss wrote:

> A friend just gave me his 2100 to look over (may need a spare). Everything
> seems OK except that the pen is consistently off alignment. I can go through
> the alignment screen, but then the pen will be detected about 2 mm South of
> where I touch. This is South as in toward the Apple Logo, because if I
> rotate the screen, it is still off toward the logo. He may not have noticed
> this as he tended to use the landscape mode.
> Is there a hardware reset to fix this? Is it fixable?

I did experience this with my 2100 and read from a lot of people that also had
the problem. The cause is still unknown, but it seems to be mostly hardware,
while some people said that after doing a hard reset, or after cleaning the
system soup from orphaned entries, the problem disappeared. For the others that
couldn't fix the problem, their only recourse was to have the unit fixed by
Apple. That's what I did, roughly a year ago. I haven't got back the squiggies,
except some symptoms in some apps (Calls, for instance). When those symptoms
would start, I usually launch Notes and create a new note. I then run the pen
along the right side of the screen to see if the touchscreen is properly
tracking the stylus tip. So far, I haven't had the problem in Notes. When I had
to have my MP repaired, the squiggies would manifest everywhere.

So, based on my observations, it seems like it can be hardware related, but it
also seems that in some rare situations, it can also be software related.

In your case, if that happens all the time, you can try to do a hard reset and
not restore the system informations from the backup you might want to restore.
See if that helps. If not, then I'm afraid you will have to send the unit back
to Apple for repair. Check the FAQ at <>
for more details regarding the repair process.

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