Re: NTLK PKGs for Newton Quake and Backdrops for Avi's desktop.

From: Josh Burker (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 11:33:34 CDT writes:
>Hi there everyone,
>two points, one a question and one a request.
>1. Being a Mac user and totally crazy Newton user, I would love to try out
>the famous NewtonQuak

It's a joke. Don't bother trying. Go back and re-read the page, and make
sure you scroll to the very bottom of the page to get the punchline.
>And now the question:
>2. I've read all the faqs regarding how to make an Avi's backdrop using
>Newton Press, including renaming the file to A!:, size of image...and
>converting the number of colors to grey but everytime, I bring the pict
>into Newton Press, it gives me a Black and White image, even though I've
>already reduced the number of greys. Anyone else have this problem? And
>quick solns? What am I doing wrong with Photoshop or Newton Press?

I've seen this problem too, and I think I traced it to the type of format
that I was using to create the book. Try using a MP2K format, landscape,
and see if that works (if of course you're running a MP2K). The early MPs
didn't have the 16 grayscales, so they'd display in "black and white." I
think you set this preference in the Newton Press Preferences.

Josh Burker

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