Re: RE: NTLK Trip to Amsterdam and (Newton sighting at KFC in Germany)

Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 22:38:53 CDT

    Now wait a minute don't get me wrong here pals I'm as much a
Newt-a-mainiac as the next guy on this list but lets not be too critical of
the poor man who obviously has been away from his "culture" for a long time
(if you want to call KFC a part of "American Culture", indeed as some
Europeans would argue if you want to consider that we American have any
culture at all, but that is another story). I for one would never go to a
Burger King here in the states but after a year in a third world country I
made a bee line for one when I got back just to reaffirm my Americanness.
Then I went to a Cuban restraunt. ;-)
In a message dated 5/4/00 5:05:42 AM, writes:

<< Whoa - we may have to drum you out of the Newton Fanatics Club, er,
NewtonTalk, for that offense, Jon! Putting KFC above an MP. For
SHAME! <grin>

 - Bill >>

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