Re: NTLK Re: netTime

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 09:04:06 CDT

>I think I have the same version than you, Kenny. The package info says
>"NetTime:DTS" (strange that signature, BTW, it used to be the acronym
>for Developer Technical Support group at Apple), created on 12/15/97 at
>2:17 pm. <c> 1997 Newton, Inc.".

It's not strange at all. It is a sample included with NIE 2.0
developer goodies. The sources are included.
It never worked at mine. I found another modified version (probably
on NewtonMad).

>Now, Heiko Cultus is reporting using version 3??? Heiko, you have a
>collector's piece! I've tried very hard to find version 1.1, never saw
>any version 3!
>Could you upload it somewhere where we can download it? Or email-it to

I am also interested. I'll try to find the changes and I'll update
the sample code's source if it works. Umm. Well, if the usual DTS
license is there (the code may be included as is without any
restriction) and if we can't find any notice from someone else's work.



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