NTLK SmartDog BackTalk glitches???

From: Laurent Daudelin (laurent_daudelin@fanniemae.com)
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 16:06:46 EST

Well, I was maybe a little bit too optimistic the other day, after
replying to a message here, on NewtonTalk, regarding how BackTalk was
working. I must admit I had, when I replied, just did a few tries.

Now that I try to fully use the BackTalk package, I'm running into small
problems and I'd like to check with others if they have experienced the
same. Note that I'm using the full package, *not* the demo.

Initially, I did beam a few notes to a Palm flawlessly. That was looking
encouraging. But today, I've tried to push the enveloppe a bit and tried
to beam my owner card. I *didn't* pick the "Beam my card" item in the
routing menu, because when I tried that, I noticed that there were no
options for the ObEx transport. So, I picked the regular "Beam" option,
and was presented with the routing slip. So far so good. I picked the
ObEx transport, and selected "Send -> Now". My MP displayed a little
dialog saying "Connecting..." and the Palm responded with "Waiting for
sender" (or something like that). Then, nothing. I had to cancel the
beam on my MP. BTW, I don't know if I'm missing something, but the
BackTalk user guide says that when you set up the beam, you're presented
with a menu offering different format, depending on the application your
beaming from. For instance, when beaming from Names, the manual mention
that you should have Newton frame, specific to the Newton, TXT, an ASCII
text format and VCF, an encoding of a name card, used by the Palm
Address Book application.

Well, everytime I've tried to beam, whether my owner card, or a regular
card, I've never got this last option offered to me, only Newton
flattened frame, or TXT. My first question would be: does somebody get
this option when beaming from Names? Oh, and before you ask, I've
checked and I have the Palm Converters installed in extension. In fact,
I did install everything making up the BackTalk package, except the
Capshare interchange and the demo, obviously...

So, then I asked my friend here to try to beam me one of his address.
Everything went smoothly and was easily able to add his address card to
my names. We did it twice and it did work flawlessly.

We then did another try of me beaming, this time a very sample card from
the Names application, not my owner card. I've finally was able to beam
the card, except it was received as a memopad item on the Palm, no VCF,
or name card.

So, my second question would be: does someone have been able to
successfully beam an address from the Names application, and if so, what
where your results, and what did you do to get there.

Many thanks in advance!

Laurent Daudelin
Developer, Object Factory, Substrate Fannie Mae
Phone: 703-833-4266 mailto:Laurent_Daudelin@fanniemae.com
Fax: 703-833-7555 Usual disclaimers apply

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