Re[2]: posting guidelines (was RE: NTLK Spreadsheet for 120?)

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 06:58:01 CDT


Since i in principle agree with David Oxtoby as to that this list should
impose no artificial barriers to new (or any other) participants, i hope
that this comment will be accepted at face value. Flame replies please
off-list, though.
Regarding Charlie Allom's original article, i do see quite some mails on
the list, wherein the body consists of very few original lines by the
author, the rest being the full citation of another article, which
strikes me as somewhat inefficient to read (you see, i can't quite convince
myself to like this style ;).

On Monday, June 12, 2000, 12:07:55 PM, David wrote:
> You know I can't believe the extent of the elitist snobbery there
> appears to be from some members of this list,

You know, i can't believe the extent of excitability there
appears to be from one member of this list (pun intended).

> it comes across as being somewhat closed

Not to me, sorry.

> of to anyone who is a newby to the Newt world.
> can the postmaster unsubscribe me please,

Based on your past contributions, i'd say this would be a pity.
Up to now, you came across as a worthwhile list member.

> since if this is the attitude of some of the members then the Newton
> is going to die and long slow painful death.....

I agree with you that if on this list people aren't (or do not seem to
be) nice to newcomers, then it's days would be numbered.

Advising to use more optimal citation (if that's what Charlie had in
mind) as well as a few other netiquette proposals (in the FAQ?) is IMHO
_not_ being unfriendly to newbies, though.

> Dave.
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> From: charlie allom []
> Sent: 12 June 2000 09:15
> To:
> Subject: posting guidelines (was RE: NTLK Spreadsheet for 120?)
> are posts like this necessary? can anyone be bothered to get a
> 'posting guidelines' document on planetnewton?
>>QFigure is a good one.
> [snipmanylinesofuselesstext]

I just realised, that i cited in full...
Shame on me, stating principles and violating them in the same article!

-- Wolf

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