NTLK Connecting MP130 to G4

From: Brian W. Honeycutt (bwhoneycutt@mindspring.com)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 23:39:50 CDT

I posted this message on the NG earlier, but I was hoping someone here could
help me...

I have a somewhat unique network setup at home. Basically I have several
ethernet enabled computers on a hub, including an SE/30 and a G4. I am
using the ethernet-equipped SE/30 as a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge,
allowing me to communicate with my Mac Plus, and PowerBook 100 (LocalTalk)
all from my G4.

However, if I connect my MP130 to the LocalTalk chain and start up NCU
(listening on LocalTalk) on the G4, the "Connection" applet still won't find
the G4. Why? Am I missing a step? Just to make sure my connections were
good, I connected my PowerBook in the same spot and it sees the G4 in the
Chooser with no problem.

Also, if this just cannot be done, then what is the next best option? Do
USB to Serial adapters work with the MP's? What about a serial port add-on
card for the G4? Any suggestions? As far as I can tell (from FAQ),
ethernet is not an option for the MP130. Isn't there a way to go
modem-to-modem also? Now I'm really sounding desperate!


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