Re: NTLK Connecting MP130 to G4

From: markr13 (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 14:18:42 CDT

>Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:03:01 +1000
>From: Michael Kennard <>
>Subject: Re: NTLK Connecting MP130 to G4
>My problem is that I couldn't get it running on anything from g3 and up. The
>syncing fails and the export disconnects. On an older PPC with 8.6 it works.
>Even tried an iMac with 8.6 and it didn't work so I thought it was something
>to do with the hardware. Been using a keyspan.
>Anyone get it to work??

We have an iMac that is running OS-9.04 and NCU without problems by using
iDock. Other
USB-->serial devices should work as well. Many on this list have
reported good success. One thing that needs to be kept in mind. OS-9
will uninstall some critical extensions for NCU. Be sure to re-run the
NCU install to get them back.

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