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From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 06:52:35 CDT

Gruendel, Frank wrote:

> >Any other nationals out there with a different American stereotype?
> Yes. All Americans are nice, helpful and considerate. This comes from
> a German (all of which, of course, always wear leather shorts, dance
> around hammering their fists on their knees and their palms on other
> man's backsides every few seconds, eat mostly Sauerkraut and drink huge
> amounts of beer every day, enjoying their famous Gemutlichkeit).

Greetings, neighbour!

Here in Holland, we walk around wearing wooden shoes. Every afternoon, we go
clogdancing in the village square. We eat cheese and drink jenever all day,
and when a German asks us for directions, we say "Immer gerade aus," or "Do
ist der Bahnhof."

Every year, we go on holiday to Spain (Benidorm) with our caravans packed to
the brim with hagelslag, peanut butter and potatoes, because we hate foreign

Half of the population is gay, the other half on drugs. We teach our kids to
smoke marijuana at age 5.


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