Re: NTLK Couldn't resist...

From: Paul G. Grothaus (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 14:42:27 CDT

> Dr. Khaled Tewfik wrote:

> In Saudi we are all rich, every one has an oil well in his back yard and 6
> cars in the garage (a tent garage that is). Oh, and of course 4 wives for
> every man. We like camels in our homes, they are our favorite pets, and we
> invade other countries in summer for tourism and for lusts not available at
> our country; we spend money left and right in the process. And one more
> thing, we do not consume alcoholic beverages.
> --
How could any man who had to put up with 4 wives not consume alcoholic
beverages??? Of course with 4 wives shopping, there may not be any $$ left
for beer - even with an oil well in the backyard!! And just think how
important a Newton would be to keep track of all those honeydews (as in:
Honey do this, Honey do that, Honey do .......)

Aloha from Hawaii,

Paul Grothaus,

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