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From: Paul G. Grothaus (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 14:53:48 CDT

>> Gruendel, Frank wrote:
>>>> Any other nationals out there with a different American stereotype?

If you think most people in different countries have wild stereotypes about
each other you would be amazed at the ideas that most Mainland Americans
(both US and Canada) have about Hawaii. They come here expecting to see
grass shacks, women in grass skirts, etc. But the ones that make me just
shake my head are those who do not even realize that we are one of the 50
states. When I travel on the Mainland I inevitably hear the following

    How do you like visiting America?
    Do you need a visa to visit the states?
    You speak English so well, do you use it in Hawaii?
etc., ad nauseum.

I've heard these questions from people ranging from blue collar workers to
highly educated PhD scientists, Federal Government Bureaucrats and even one
Southeastern US CONGRESSMAN!!! Pathetic. The geographic and cultural
stupidity of the average American is truly staggering.

Paul Grothaus, Ph.D.
Hawaii Biotechnology Group

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