[NTLK] Software recommendation?

From: Steven Frank (stevenf_at_panic.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 03:00:21 EST

I'd like to create a database of nearby restaurants on my Newton, with
fields such as:

Name, Type of Food, Address, Phone, Open/Close Times

Nothing fancy. Basically just structured data storage.

It sounds like a job for a general database program, but NewtDB seems
like overkill. Any other suggestions?

I wouldn't even mind writing it myself, but am still having trouble
figuring out where to BEGIN with NewtonScript, even with prior
programming experience... There is so much to learn. Is there a
functionally similar sample code I could base it on?


Have you checked the FAQ lately? http://www.guns-media.com/mirrors/newton/faq/
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