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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 09:57:55 EST

Steven Frank wrote:
> I'd like to create a database of nearby restaurants on my Newton, with
> fields such as:
> Name, Type of Food, Address, Phone, Open/Close Times
> Nothing fancy. Basically just structured data storage.
> It sounds like a job for a general database program, but NewtDB seems
> like overkill. Any other suggestions?
> I wouldn't even mind writing it myself, but am still having trouble
> figuring out where to BEGIN with NewtonScript, even with prior
> programming experience... There is so much to learn. Is there a
> functionally similar sample code I could base it on?


It sounds really like nothing fancy. If you want to start with
NewtonScript, then I would suggest you go in the samples (you have
downloaded and installed NewtonDev from UNNA, right?), check in the
NewtApp category, there should be an example called CheckBook. If I were
you, I would start with that. Duplicate the project, compile and install
it. Then, start making modifications. This sample is fully functionnal,
so you can see how they did many parts of the application. Furthermore,
writing a NewtApp application removes the burden of writing basic code
to handle things like saving to the soup or reading from it. You just
have to define things and the OO framework takes care of the rest. Sure,
if you want a little bit of customization, it can be frustrating because
NewtApp isn't very flexible in this regard, but otherwise it's a great
way to learn!

You can have more details in "Programming for the Newton using
Macintosh" book. It has a full chapter dedicated to NewtApp. In
addition, check the Q&A. Finally, if you need help with NewtApp, feel
free to ask me!


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