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From: John Skinner (john_at_johnskinner.net)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 09:32:18 EST

<Mailand Marco wrote:>

Hi John,
you've mentioned the Lucent WaveLAN Silver PC Card <Revision or P/N:
012372A> as compatible with the
Newton. But what is recommended at the other end?

Hey Marco,

All you you need on the other end is any "client" 802.11 device, like
any other 802.11 PCMCIA Card which includes AirPort cards.

I could add something in
my home ethernet with ISDN router, something like a WaveLan basestation but
I would have to have a RJ45 connector and possibly some intelligence to
accept a TCP/IP address.

Allow me to expand for a moment.

The driver for using a WaveLAN Silver card in a Newton will only
communicate via an AdHoc connection.

AdHoc = a connection made directly between two or more "client" 802.11
devices without using a WAP (Wireless Access Point)
The AirPort Base Station is a WAP with the Apple brand name on it, but
it functions the same as any other manufactures WAP that is 802.11

AdHoc Example: an AirPort equipped PowerBook communicating strait to
another AirPort equipped PowerBook without using an AirPort Base Station.

There are two different kinds of AdHoc modes as well.

The original was called "AdHoc Demo Mode" or AHDM.
There is a newer AdHoc mode that is sometimes called "802.11 AdHoc".

The Newton WaveLAN driver will only work in the older AdHoc Demo Mode,
and specifically only on channel 3.

Most 802.11 client devices will work in this older AdHoc Demo Mode with
the right version of drivers.
On a Mac, all you need is the AirPort 1.2 software to make it work.

How are you using the Lucent WaveLAN card?

My setup:

I have (1) PowerBook 3400 that has PCMCIA card slots running Mac OS 9.1.
Ethernet cable out of the Ethernet port of the PowerBook connected to
Cable Modem.
(1) Lucent WaveLAN Silver PCMCIA card that is Revision C for the PowerBook.
(2) Newton MessagePad 2100s.
(2) Lucent WaveLAN Silver PCMCIA cards that are Revision A (P/N:
012372A) for the Newtons.
Apple's AirPort 1.2 software installed on the PowerBook.
VICOM Internet Gateway software running on the PowerBook.

On the Newton side:

Install the LucentWaveLAN2 driver, available at:
( http://guelph.unna.org/incoming/LucentWaveLAN2.pkg )
I had to disable my Ethernet card drivers (Farallon & 3comaddon).
Created a new Internet Setup configuration:
set to use the LucentWaveLan/IEEE card,
set the IP address manually to
set the subnet mask to
set the default gateway to

On the PowerBook side:

Configure the PowerBook to connect to the Internert via the Cable Modem.
Removed all AirPort software already installed.
Install the AirPort 1.2 software.
Restarted and inserted the WaveLAN card.
Install VICOM Internet Gateway software and go throught the wizzard to
make for an easy setup.
Tell the setup wizard that your 802.11 card is your Intern LAN
connection, and assign it an IP address of

If anyone has any questions about this setup, please feel free to email me.

John Skinner

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