Re: [NTLK] THE Definitive Answer on Wireless LAN

Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 12:36:58 EST

Hey John,

this is great. This is the first time I hear something new about the wavelan
driver. It also confirms that Hiroshi is actually working on something new.

When did you hear this?? Do you know more? Time-frame? Now I am getting


> Oh Yes! I whole-heartedly think that is what I, & everybody else, wants.
> Hiroshi says that he has a driver version that works in "enterprise"
> mode (meaning to connect to a WAP), but he hasn't writen the user
> interface for it yet. So this means, the solution to our problems is out
> there, we just have to wait. So until Hiroshi gets the time and the
> motivation to get it finished, and/or releases it "as-is", our only
> solution is the method I mentioned earlier. This solution basically
> turns a laptop (Mac or PC) into a WAP.

Andrew Maier
God is real, unless declared integer

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