Re: [NTLK] THE Definitive Answer on Wireless LAN

From: John Skinner (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 12:26:38 EST wrote:

> John,
> what do you do if you want to use WLAN away from home. Ultimately we
need a
> driver which is capable of working in the non ad-hoc mode.
> Don't you think so?

Oh Yes! I whole-heartedly think that is what I, & everybody else, wants.

Hiroshi says that he has a driver version that works in "enterprise"
mode (meaning to connect to a WAP), but he hasn't writen the user
interface for it yet. So this means, the solution to our problems is out
there, we just have to wait. So until Hiroshi gets the time and the
motivation to get it finished, and/or releases it "as-is", our only
solution is the method I mentioned earlier. This solution basically
turns a laptop (Mac or PC) into a WAP.

John Skinner
Vanderbilt University

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