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Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 17:01:02 EST

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> And I believe that the audio output is 16 bit (companded) not 8 bit.

Ooops! A slip of the pen there.

Recording quality: Voice (2K/sec), Voice (4K/sec), Music (5K/sec)

Voice (2K/sec) - GSM encoded (8Khz, 1.65KBytes/sec). This format is not available on the eMate 300.
Voice (4K/sec) - IMA encoded (8Khz, 4Kbytes/sec). This format is labeled "Low" on the eMate 300.
Music (5K/sec) - IMA encoded (10Khz, 5Kbytes/sec). This format is labeled "High" on the eMate 300.

The Newton hardware can support up to 21k, 16 bit sound (Full native rate).

Still, it's not that good.

Perfectly ok for speech though which is what it was intended for.
> Does your low opinion of the MP3 player mean that your're
> *not* going to build us an audio dongle?

Oh I wouldn't go that far...


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