[NTLK] Mad Max problems

From: Rolf Brakvatne (rbrak29_at_qwest.net)
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 14:55:17 EST

I am trying to become familiar with Mad Max for a Mac club demo, but I am
having trouble playing any MP3 file downloaded to my 2100.

1. Files are very small <100K.
2. Files (AIFF) are recorded in mono, 64kps, 44.1kHz and converted to MP3's
using iTunes.
3. Using Appletalk over Ethernet to transfer files to the Newton

All MP3 files played on the Newton 2100 using Mad Max are very 'choppy' and
the sound breaks up quite a bit.

All files, Mad Max app, and Mad Newton are on the internal store. Moving
them to external store makes no difference.

Any suggestions?


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