Re: [NTLK] New Wavelan Driver For Airport...

From: Donald J. Ryan (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 22:49:34 EST

YEAH! New WaveLAN driver does work with WaveLAN Silver 'B' card!
Like Gerry said, I left my current config with the old WaveLAN card
installed and simply installed the new driver. My silver Airport BaseStation
is running the most recent software and the desktop is running 2.02.

My Internet setup is using a manual configuration:
Card: Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE
Subnet Mask:
Local IP Address:
Gateway/Router Address:
Primary DNS: set to my ISP
Alternate DNS: set to my ISP

It loads and gets mail fine! *** WAY COOL ***

Donald Ryan

> From: Gerry Lusk <>
> I have a silver card P/N: 012372B and wasn't able to get the ad-hoc demo
> thing to work. However I was able to get this card to work with the new
> driver. I have not deleted or frozen the old wavelan package.
> Here's the details:
> My Powerbook is a G3 Lombard with a Lucent gold card. It's using OS9.2 and
> Airport v1.2 although I could probably upgrade now.
> The Airport base station is silver and its network name is set to Newton on
> channel 11 and the network is closed (hidden) with no WEP password. The
> bases' internet is set to DHCP from my DSL router and the network is set to
> not distribute addresses.
> The Newton is an upgraded 2000 with a rev. B silver card and is set to DHCP
> (it gets its address from the DSL router).
> I wonder if Hiroshi's driver will work with other cards?
> C-YA!
> Gerry

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