Re: [NTLK] I can't get Works Calculations working

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 05:47:48 EST

> What I do wrong with Works Calculations?
Check your Works-related extensions. I've installed the following and I
remember that Calc didn't work if something wasn't installed.
1. Works (this is what you tap)
2. NewtWorksDoc (stationary for documents)
3. Works Calculations:Apple

If they are all there you should try to (re-)install them exactly in the
above order and avoid bulk install (drawing all three pkgs onto the NCU

> Another newbie question, does it hurt the battery pack using the charger
> in the middle of discharging or after they are fully charged?
No. Many people talk long and wide about memory effect but I doubt that a
memory effect can build-up if one uses the Newton a few times a day. Even if
you would leave it connected to the adaptor and not use it at all, it would
switch on each day at 3a.m. for a few minutes and draw between 50...80mA
current, which is IMHO enough to avoid the memory effect.

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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