Re: [NTLK] Power Consumtion of WaveLAN card

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 11:40:22 EST

Am 15.3.2002 19:23 Uhr schrieb "Jim Witte" unter
> After all, they are
> generating a radio signal of some strengh, but I don't know enough about
> radio technology to know if that puts an appreciable floor on power
> consumption.
The question is also how the transmit power could be reduced, that is in
which steps. A cell phone adapts its transmit power to the signal strength
and if the next cell base station is close its power emission is controlled
to very small values. Beside that fact the voice bandwidth needs only about
1/8th of the time of an analogue transmission by means of heavy signal
compression and smart digitalisation. For the LAN the data channel will
probably be continuously filled up to the channel capacity, but any shorter
distance should enable a smart driver to cut the transmit power down.

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