Re: [NTLK] GPSmap maps (was [ANN] Holland maps)

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 03:05:13 EST

> Now -- is GPSmap compatible with any PC-Card receivers? It just mentions
> serial-port compatibility. Or, is there other decent GPS software for the
> Newt that works with a card? I think I'd rather just slide a GPS card in,
> possible, then try to do some serial-based connection...
GPSmap can be used with a PCMCIA GPS receiver. There is a driver included in
the package and there is also a driver toolkit available, see:

The serial connection is not so bad and you'll have two slots free for cards
with maps. On a MP130 it makes no sense to use a PCMCIA receiver because the
internal memory is way to small.

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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