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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 15:45:12 EST

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>Let us learn the lesson of the Mac-clones. Get out of the hardware business
>when you are going to promote and introduce hardware competition that uses
>cheaper labor, designs, components, etc

It's very easy to say this but in reality, it isn't so easy to implement.
Apple has achieved great integration between its OS and its computing
hardware because it controls both. It doesn't have to wait for another
company to publish the computing hardware specs before it starts writing OS
code. Neither does it have to flail around in the dark when a computing
hardware vendor tweaks something. Look at Microsoft and the headaches that
occur in its vaunted Plug-n-Play strategy when a hardware vendor tweaks
something. Hell, they even have problems when nobody tweaks anything!!!
With Apple, everything is under one roof so that when the hardware side
tweaks something that might have an adverse impact on the software (OS) side,
there is less of a communications issue (I'm not saying that there is NO
communications issue, just that there's less of one in that engineers don't
have to go through the legal department before they talk to each other).

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