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From: Michael S Szpisjak (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 10:42:06 EST

"And this is not going to happen. Not unless Apple suddenly decides to make
an Intel-compatible version of the MacOS. The Rhapsody episode shows Apple
backing off on this. And Microsoft will make sure that Apple will never try

Intel's new chip set the itanium is a risc based processor, so moving the
Mac Os from a A-I-M Alliance Risc to an intel Risc would not be hard.
Especially if Motorola continues to decay and sells off some of it's chip
sectors. Let the chip makers compete to make the best risc, but let Mac Os
X run on all. M$ is on the hot seat, we have to wait until the trial is
over to see how well they can still bully people.

"You must be joking. Novell develops a proprietary networking environment.
The whole world, even Microsoft, is going TCP/IP. Only an idiot would go
for a proprietary networking protocol!!!"

Novell has moved everything to tcp/ip, we are still waiting for the mac
client. Look at Novell 6, secure, stable, scalable, and plays nice with
others. Read the reviews in Network Computing. Novell has a quality
product that has rebounded from past mistakes.

"And Lotus Notes is the biggest nightmare to hit the IT world. I've seen
mega disasters in the corporate world using Lotus Notes: Despite all the
promises, it doesn't scale up."

I agree but IBM will want some incentives from Apple to maintain support.

"Interoperability is the name of the game and having proprietary stuff
doesn't improve on that. Apple's OS X is based on FreeBSD which is open
source. Why would or should they take a massive leap backwards with IPX?"

Interoperability is what I am advocating! But Apple needs a proven secure
network enterprise solution. A solution that integrates with WANS, LANS,and
a mobile work force. Apple has some of these component technology already,
but yet has failed to tie them together in a Enterprise solution. Novell
has the enterprise solution, and has a quality product that is fighting back
against Micro$oft. Consolidate and coordinate iTools with power and
reliability of Novell. iDisk with Novell's iFolder same concept yet
scalable and controllable, iPrint same thing. Groupwise is a much better
solution to Lotus notes, and is a hell of a lot more reliable then mail at Policy and security rights, not to mention the awesome power of
Zenworks! It is an enterprise solution! IPX and Appletalk are two legacy
protocols that will go away, just like slip. Novell does not advocate
IPX/SPX anymore, TCP/IP is the game now. Just like Apple's not pushing
Appletalk. Look at the power of Novell, it is not perfect, but can assist

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