Re: [NTLK] OT: Help with Mac.

From: Chet Johns (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 12:13:03 EST

There are IIgs emulators for the mac but I don't recall seeing any for the
pc. I also don't think it would be possible to run one emulator on top of
another emulator but it is an interesting thought. Heck you can buy an apple
IIgs for around $99 but there wasn't ever enough software made to justify
buying one. The IIgs was the last of the Apple II line and wasn't on the
market very long. By then all of apple's emphasis was moving to the Mac. I
stopped at the Apple II c but used to want a IIgs because of the increased
speed and improved graphics. They had their own system software but could
run prodos programs in a sort of emulation built into the system. They
couldn't run apple dos 3.3 programs (many of the good older games).

on 3/27/02 11:38 AM, John Goggan at wrote:

> "Humphreys, David" wrote:
>> I am running Basilisk II on my PC box and it is working just fine.
>> I recently downloaded some IIgs games as image files (.2mg) and I
> Um, Basilisk is a Mac emulator. The Apple IIgs is not a Mac.
> Granted, I'm no expert -- but I'm fairly certain that is the case. Unless
> there is some IIgs emulator for the Mac that I don't know about.
> Or did you mean that you have a IIgs and just want to write those image files
> to disk using Basilisk -- and then go use them on your actually IIgs??
> - John...

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