Re: [NTLK] Emate redux?

From: Brian Pearce (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 08:09:12 PDT

> I miss the old TRS-80s -- I used them when I first broke into
> newspapers and thought they were incredibly cool at the time (except
> for those giant suction cop modems we had to stick on telephones in
> order to download our stories to the newspaper's mainframe).

I bought a second hand Model 102 about 15 years ago; my girlfriend at
the time was recovering from surgery to her knee, and she needed an
inexpensive portable computer. (I ended up keeping and using it, along
with my beloved Amstrad PCW, in my pre-Mac days.) Years later, I read
that the Model 100s were *still* sought after and used by Newspapermen
because they were so durable. I still have mine in my garage; I haven't
decided what to do with it.

(Needless to say, there's a web site:


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