[NTLK] help, New to NTLK, the newton and newtVNC

From: Q (gestalt_at_bellatlantic.net)
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 13:33:16 PDT

Hi all,
My first post on NewtonTalk and I need some help:

I have been trying to conect to the VNC server on my mac (³Share My
Desktop²) from a MP2000 without any luck. I am on 10.2.4 and using an Avaya
WiFi card (I know that the card is working since I can connect to the
internet and instal packages through it in OSX).

NewtVNC (3.3a9) stars opening the connection, but stalls on a white screen.
The log reads:

DNS:Lookup Name

I am sure that I am missing something, probably on the NewtVNC side or OSX
(since there is not much to do in ³share My Desktop²). I am trying to
connect to port 5901, provided my computer name and VNC password.

Can someone throw some light in.

Thanks a lot


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