Re: [NTLK] Repair services?

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 14:21:20 PDT

>i have a U2000 that, while performing the upgrade on, i accidentally
>messed up the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the motherboard.
>basically, i somehow wore off part of the insulation.
>would anyone be willing to replace the cable for me at my cost?

You can't replaced the cables, they attached to the display unit in
a way that allows no replacement. Which cable are you talking about?
The four lead cable that connects the digitizer or the white cable that
connects the LCD display (the latter is the one that plugs into a
connector on the Newton mainboard).
The digitizer cable can normally be fixed if you have the soldering
equipment, good soldering skills and (very helpful) a microscope to
solder under.
Not sure about the LCD cable, but I'd think it can be fixed, too.
If you don't find anybody on your side of the Atlantic who will fix
it, I can have a go at it. I'm in Germany, so shipping back wouldn't
be exactly cheap. About USD 15 ... USD 18 if sent air mail I'd think.

Good luck


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