[NTLK] The once and future Newt?

From: rminton_at_commscope.com
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 10:09:01 PDT

>Funny thing is that I often have the feeling that Mac OS X is more like
>the Newt than any other desktop system I used before, due to the high
>integration of different apps working together. If even more apps start
>using each other it seems we're close to the linking that the Newt
>provides us with.
>Robert Benschop

There we go, the Newton that we all keep griping about that Apple won't
make. Look where it MAY be going. Microsoft has Win CE (not claiming it
is even functionally useful), a sort of subset of their OS, which is for
palmtop style computers. We also know that various flavors of Linux/Unix
can be made to function on some of these same machines. We have Apple
which knows how to integrate hardware/software/form/function and place it
into a truly useful package. They now have an OS that is awesomely
powerful, is integrating many of the things that were conceived for a
platform like the Newton and have access to the technology and hardware
needed to bring the whole concept to realization. There may be an
extraordinary device in our near future (likely not called "Newton", how
about iDia, ideal digital integration assistant) that is going to set the
whole world on its ear.


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