[NTLK] PC/eMate communication problems

From: sarah_at_ettinburg.com
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 13:26:58 PDT

    Hello, all --

    I have an eMate 300 and a PC running Win2000, and a serial cable to
connect the two, along with Newton Connection Utility v. 1.0. When I
originally got my eMate (all of a week ago), I had trouble importing or
exporting Works files from one to the other. I could dock just fine, and
install packages just fine, but backing up or importing/exporting files
didn't work. My PC would disconnect and I'd get the message "The connection
was stopped because of a communication error. (-1)"

    I thought I'd fixed the problem by downloading the program 'slowdown'
and running it while I docked. That seemed to fix it, and I successfully
transferred a couple of files. But for some reason, that's stopped working,
and 'slowdown' isn't fixing the problem anymore.

    Has anyone any ideas for me to try?

    Thanks for your time,

        -- Sarah

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