Re: [NTLK] The once and future Newt?

From: Newtvana (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 10:53:22 PDT

>> Funny thing is that I often have the feeling that Mac OS X is more
>> like
>> the Newt than any other desktop system I used before

> There we go, the Newton that we all keep griping about that Apple won't
> make.

I've been rolling around this thought in my head for a couple of weeks,
and I've finally decided that the true value of the Newton platform is
its OS.

It seems like the Newton OS has been the only one that has been built:

        1) For getting better with Processors and technology (PalmOS *creaks
and groans* at each platform change)
        2) As a pen based os from the start. (See how well gestures are
integrated into WinCE? or not?)
        3) With a memory and internal structure that expands with the
available hardware which can come and go. (excepting the Heap)

I think the GNUton people <> have/had it
right. The hardware is nothing. The OS, however, is the true gem and
the primary reason why the Newton has the following it has today, so
many years later.

And this is the reason I will never be satisfied with another Handheld


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