[NTLK] DE-650 Problems

From: Steve (ml-subscribe_at_xydyx.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 01:20:13 PDT

I recently found a D-Link DE-650 PCMCIA ethernet card for my Newt on
eBay. I've been really anxious to connect it to my home network and
hopefully at some point to my 12" Powerbook. When I insert the DE-650
into my Newt I get this error message:

There is a problem with this card. (This memory card could not be
formatted. (This memory card is write protected.))

I've got a MessagePad 2000 with NOS 2.1. I've got the ATLAN Ethernet
driver as well as the NIE 2.0 packages installed. What am I doing wrong
here? Am I missing a package or is my card defunct? The card seems like
it is in good condition and came with all of the original packaging and
materials. When the card is plugged in none of the lights on the dongle
light up. I know the network port, ethernet cable, and all that
equipment is good. I don't have a laptop with a PCMCIA port in order to
test the DE-650 though I might be able to get access to one to test it
at the very least. Any help or pointers to directions would be

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