Re: [NTLK] DE-650 Problems

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 04:33:29 PDT

Steve wrote:
> I recently found a D-Link DE-650 PCMCIA ethernet card for my Newt on
> eBay. I've been really anxious to connect it to my home network and
> hopefully at some point to my 12" Powerbook. When I insert the DE-650
> into my Newt I get this error message:
> There is a problem with this card. (This memory card could not be
> formatted. (This memory card is write protected.))

Are you sure it isn't a DE-650+ (note the plus sign)? If it is, then it won't
work in a Newton - it uses a different chip than the plain old 650.

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